Medicated Plaster/Patch
Double Sided Plaster Cutting & Packing Machine
Product size: 70 x 100 mm
(One product size only for one
machine,extra size optional.)
Max.speed: 100 pcs / min
(according to the material used and
product size.)
Motor: 1HP x 4, 1/2HP x 2
Heater: 4.8 kw
Human machine
Dimensions: L3300 x W1400 x H2200 mm
N.W.: 2000 kgs

Note: The above information (parameter) is only for use of your reference. The standard condition is based on the actual design.
  • 左邊邊線與圓角
    • Tension of material is controlled automatilcally by LOADCELL.
    • A number of servo motors on the machine are precisely synchronized for revolving.
    • HMI (Human Machine Interface) and touch panel makes positioning of product much easier.
    • Roller type cutter is for cutting,sealing prcoess and high production speed.
    • Packing paper uses four sides sealing,and the printing on front and back will be able to be mateched with each other correctly.
    • Accoeding to the customer's request,a pack of multi-pieces packing can be done automatically.
    • Single layer of release paper will be able to do the single-sided or double-sided lamination medicated plaster.
    • Machine will automatically stop as soon as running out of material is detected by auto sensor.
    • Machine designed in upright position to facilitate operating the machine for production. And very easy to do regular maintenance.

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