Wound Dressing
Wound Pad Cutting & Packing Machine Taiwan Patent No. M427265,M530739,M480435 / China Patent No. ZL201220029776.2
Max. Length of Plaster: 100 mm
Max. Width of Plaster: 200 mm
Max. Length of Packing: 135 mm
Max. Width of Packing: 255 mm
Product size:  
100 x 200 mm
one product size only for one machinery, extra size optional.
Max. Speed:  
120 pcs / min (Based on 100 x 200 mm)
(According to the material used and product size)
Motor: 2HP x 1, 1HP x 4, 1/2HP x 3
Heater: 1.75 kw
Human Machine Interface: Color 8.4"
Dimensions: L3400 x W1200 x H2200 mm
N.W.: 2100 kgs

Note: The above information (parameter) is only for use of your reference. The standard condition is based on the actual design.
  • 左邊邊線與圓角
    • Tension of material is controlled automatically by LOADCELL.
    • A number of servo motors on the machine are precisely synchronized for revolving.
    • HMI (Human Machine Interface) and touch panel adopted on this machine make positioning of product much easier.
    • Shaping and cutting, etc. are done by cutting roller. And products are possible to be made in various shapes.
    • Sealing is firmly done by adopting the box motion packing.
    • Waste after shaping are smoothly collected and sucked into the drum by pump to achieve better production process.
    • Machine will automatically stop as soon as running out of material is detected by auto sensor.
    • Positioned cutting can be done after the printing mark detected by sensor of photoelectric.
    • Machine designed in upright position to facilitate the operating for production. And it is easy to change for making different specification of products and also very easy to do regular maintenance.

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